Architectural Acoustic Products

Architectural Acoustic Modules

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Cross Section of Acoustic Module, Fabric
Cross Section of Acoustic Module, Fabric

Architectural Acoustic Modules

For many clients, it seems that the need for good acoustics will get in the way of achieving a desirable "look' and finish.

Ultrafonic works with the architect and the acoustic engineer from concept to specification to achieve both the visual and the acoustic results, required for their project.

We have the technical expertise and experience to design, fabricate and test acoustic absorbers and diffusers made from a large selection of materials ranging from perforated metal and timber through to fabrics and vinyls.

We provide architects with the flexibility to create visually appealing interiors for their clients without compromising acoustic performance.

At the same time, we provide acoustic engineers with the means and the assurance to achieve the necessary acoustic outcomes without compromising the visual aesthetic.

Please ask us about our Architectural Acoustic Modules if you have a challenging project requiring acoustic treatment with a distinct or unique visual finish.

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