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High-Resolution WAVE Recorder on Tripod
High-Resolution WAVE Recorder on Tripod

Acoustic Measure and Quote

Getting the right amount of acoustic treatment in a room or hall is rarely as simple as "cover 30% of the walls, "carpet the back wall or similar generic "sales pitches. We've seen too much money misspent this way with far less than satisfactory results.

We believe that with good engineering you should get the right outcome for the least cost. By doing some basic measurements and making some calculations, we can give you a written opinion on how your room will perform after installing the acoustic treatment we recommend. The benefit of our approach is in knowing that the money you spend on acoustic treatment will deliver an optimum acoustic outcome.

Our "almost DIY Acoustic Measure and Quote Service is a low-cost method useful for simple acoustic requirements such as open-plan offices, multi-purpose halls, and places of worship. It is not suitable for small rooms or rooms with complex acoustic requirements.

Here's how it works:

  1. We'll send you a professional-quality, high-definition, microphone-recorder.
  2. At a time when the room is not in-use, you'll make some noise (there'll be instructions) and record the results using the microphone-recorder. It's a two person job, so you'll need an accomplice.
  3. Let us know when you're done and we'll send our courier to pick up the recorder. (No, you don't get to keep the recorder.)
  4. Then we'll analyse the results and give a basic description of the Acoustic Treatment required.

If you'd prefer to get a quote for having our acoustic engineer visit you onsite, please make an enquiry.