Home Theatre Acoustics

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How should it sound?

A correctly designed home theatre has one very obvious telltale sign - you should never have reach for the volume control. When movies are mastered, it is made for playback at a constant level. When the dialogue is unclear (so you turn it up) and then the action is way too loud (so you turn it down), you have bad room acoustics. The right amount, type and placement of acoustic treatment is critical in getting it to sound right, especially with increasing numbers of channels of audio and subwoofers.

What does it cost?


"The acoustic treatment of this room was custom designed to work with the audio components. The acoustic engineer paid close attention to ensuring that the room was balanced in terms of both reverberation time and frequency response i.e. across the full audio spectrum. As well, within the constraints of the physical limits, early reflections and diffusion were designed to be optimum. The designed components were then manufactured as modules with the specified finish. They form a complete surface with concealed fixing, penetrations and mounting points for services and removable sections for service access”.


How much do I need?

No two constructions are the same. Most commonly we remedy constructions that are failing because they had “forum” or “google” engineering rather than acoustic engineering input. Even the ones we see that work could usually have been built for a lot less cost with experienced design.

What does it cost?