NC and NR curves are at best not relevant and at worst disastrous in recording studios

NC and NR curves are at best not relevant and at worst disastrous in recording studios. MICROPHONES and they DO NOT hear like humans. Their sensitivity is essentially flat. Rooms designed with increasing noise at low frequency DO NOT work because the microphone will record this and the recording chain will amplify it. This generally causes monitors to have excessive excursion at low frequency and causes modulation artifacts in the audible range.

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Why do we use RT60 as a single figure to represent the acoustic quality of specialised rooms

RT60 is a single figure that may be OK to describe the required performance of an office or a worshop, but it is not sufficient to describe the acoustic performance of a specialised room. Such rooms include classrooms, multi purpose halls, auditoriums, music teaching rooms etc.

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The Relationship Between Rise Time and Bandwidth

Here's a good one to read if you want to start thinking about the relationship between bandwidth and rise time, and then think about room modes, overlap, and it's effect on transient response in a room. It's a rabbit hole though.....

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Soundproofing a Floor (usually for those underneath)

You could spend a lot of money and time trying to reduce the sound that gets through your floor, so be aware of the pitfalls and as always, get the person who is going to do the work to give you a measurable performance change so that if it doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay e.g. if you pay me to do this it will make a 10dB difference to the sound you hear from above (or below).

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