Recording Studio Acoustics

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Our philosophy

Recording studio design is a highly specific task. It requires an understanding of the process of capturing artistic creation as well as acoustic engineering. In fact, we believe that studio design must be driven by the need to enable and capture creative output, with acoustics being engineered around it. Studios designed from the aspect of standards, rules or theories are destined to fail.

What does it cost?

Important factors

Recording studio acoustics are in a domain of their own.

  1. Isolation must encompass the spectrum of music which includes low frequency (Rw is not suitable).

  2. Absorption and diffusion are designed strategically and then the RT60 may need adjustment. (RT60 is not a useful design criteria to lead with).

  3. Control rooms must be symmetrical about the listener (since our ears are).

  4. There is no single live room acoustic criteria that suits all requirements. Therefore, live rooms must have adjustable acoustics.

What do I use?

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A couple of examples of our work

The Wick


What does it look like?

The common foam or glasswool panels used in studios stand out like cheap, tardy after thoughts. The best option is to either make something that is hidden or make custom absorbers that fit with the decor. They can even be made into a feature combined with lighting, surface finishes etc.

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