UltraQuiet Acoustic Panels

High sound absorption and safe fire characteristics make UltraQuiet, ideal for reducing noise in a wide variety of applications. It’s super light weight making it very easy to install.

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UltraQuiet acoustic panels

High performance noise reduction with easy installation and fire safety


Soundproofing and technical details

Improve the acoustic quality and comfort of a room with BASOTECT® ; It is designed to be used on walls and ceilings to reduce reverberation and noise. BASOTECT® is a flexible, open cell foam made from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. Its characteristic feature is its three-dimensional network structure consisting of slender and thus easily shaped webs.

  • constant physical properties over a wide temperature range

  • application temperature up to 240 degrees

  • flame resistance

  • low weight

  • low-temperature flexibility

  • high sound absorption capacity

UltraQuiet acoustic panel - standard grey

UltraQuiet acoustic panel - standard grey

Superior Sound Absorption

UltraQuiet’s porous surface ensures that sound waves easily enter the structure. The sound energy is dissipated in the filament structure, giving Basotect® an excellent sound absorption capacity. At low frequencies, improved sound absorption can be achieved, for example by adding layers of a heavier material.

Ultra Light Weight

UltraQuiet ’s open-cell foam structure contributes to its low density of 9 kg/m3.

UltraQuiet panels - swimming pool noise reduction

UltraQuiet panels - swimming pool noise reduction

Fire Resistance

UltraQuiet panels meet the most important international fire safety standards. UltraQuiet ’s long-term resistance to high temperatures and excellent fire characteristics are based on the melamine resin used. The high nitrogen content of the resin is responsible for the flame-resistant property of the foam without the need to use flame retardants. UltraQuiet is a thermoset, and thus, in the event of a fire, the material does not melt or produce burning droplets when it comes into contact with flames. The foam simply chars and produces a small amount of smoke, and there is no afterglow, making UltraQuiet particularly suitable for applications with high fire safety requirements. In tests on the fire characteristics required to meet national and international standards, UltraQuiet achieves the highest classification possible for organic materials.

UltraQuiet panels - custom shapes are easily made

UltraQuiet panels - custom shapes are easily made

Trying to burn Basotect®. (This is NOT a substitiute for certified laboratory tests - please use the local legal firehazard safety requirements for any application)