Worship Space Acoustics

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Common acoustic problems

Worship spaces need to satisfy a broad range of acoustic requirements that differ quite widely. They range from direct speech to rock music and include multimedia presentations, lectures and congregational singing. Large floor areas need consistent coverage but often the front few rows find it too loud when the ban plays. The congregation needs just the right acoustic conditions to feel included in a community. Limits set by regulators need to met to keep neighbours from being disturbed by noise. Good acoustic design can accommodate these requirements and ensure they are all met.

What does it cost?

Important factors

Acoustic panels of any type that are used in a worship space need to meet some critical criteria;

  1. They must have compliance to the Building Code of Australia for Fire Hazard Safety (BCA C1.10)

  2. They should robust

  3. They should be cleanable

  4. They should have a suitable absorption coefficient (NRC), AlphaW and Sound Absorption Class (Appendix B of DIN EN ISO 11654)

  5. They should not fade or collapse over time

What do I use?

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What does it look like?

The common foam or glasswool panels used in studios stand out like cheap, tardy after thoughts. The best option is to either make something that is hidden or make custom absorbers that fit with the decor. They can even be made into a feature combined with lighting, surface finishes etc.

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