Restaurant and Bar Acoustics


Optimum acoustics for customers

There is always a tension between a restaurant or bar that sounds vibrant and one that sounds too noisy. Ideally, it is quiet enough that customers can hear their friends but noisy enough that they can’t understand other conversations. In this case it will have good ambience and customers will want to come back. Reliable acoustic engineering calculations are more cost effective than the “try it and see” approach.

What does it cost?

Important factors

Acoustic panels of any type that are used in a restaurant or bar need to meet some critical criteria;

  1. They must have compliance to the Building Code of Australia for Fire Hazard Safety (BCA C1.10)

  2. They should be mould and bacteria resistant

  3. They should be cleanable

  4. They should have a good absorption coefficient that covers the range of speech

  5. They should not fade or collapse over time

What do I use?

Restaurant Acoustic Panels.JPG

What does it look like?

The common foam or glasswool panels used in studios stand out like cheap, tardy after thoughts. The best option is to either make something that is hidden or make custom absorbers that fit with the decor. They can even be made into a feature combined with lighting, surface finishes etc.

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